There are many questions that arise when a business owner is contemplating exiting the company. You want to do it the right way, on your terms, and according to your own timing. You want to ensure that your objectives are clear, that you maximize and protect your company’s value, and that your own personal wealth and estate planning are in order. That’s where we come in.

Exit Planning: What It Is

As an owner there will likely come a day when you will want to exit your business and start enjoying the fruits of your labor. Like any other objective worth achieving, planning is paramount to your success. We start working with you at least 2-5 years before your targeted exit date in order to execute our seven-step exit planning process:

  1. Identify your exit objectives
  2. Quantify your business and personal financial resources
  3. Maximize and protect your company’s value – focusing on key business value drivers
  4. Transfer ownership to third parties
  5. Transfer ownership to insiders
  6. Create a business continuity plan
  7. Conduct personal wealth and estate planning


How It Works

We begin by assessing your current situation and any plan you already have in place. Then, we validate, adjust, or design your unique plan.

Then, we introduce the plan to your team of trusted advisors, including your:

  1. Financial planner
  2. Investment advisor
  3. Attorney
  4. Estate planning attorney
  5. CPA

We incorporate FAT into the process – that’s FOCUS, ACCOUNTABILITY and TIMING – all key elements to your exit plan’s success. We will harness that same entrepreneurial energy that has made your business the success it is.

Our Clients

We work with owners whose net worth is closely tied to the company’s value. The exit planning client we are most successful with are companies that have a minimum of $3-5M range in annual revenue, with an existing management team and 15 or more employees.

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