Our clients understand that in order to best prepare for the single largest financial transaction of their lives – exiting their business – they must have a solid plan in place and a trusted adviser like Bob Zarlengo to help in each step of the process.

Here is what some of our clients say about working with Robert J. Zarlengo, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Bob for several years. He has not only been my trusted CPA, but is now a good friend. A few years ago, he helped me exit from my long-time granite counter supply and installation company, Avanti Granite and Marble, with a keen eye on the timeliness of my exit and maximizing revenues for the best outcome. The result was a successful exit, which has enabled me to start another company. I trust him and value his years of expertise.”
Todd Coday, TDC Marble Corp.

“After trusting Bob for years as my CPA, I turned to his expertise in exit planning when it came time to sell my company. He helped me sort out the weak offers from the solid ones. Bob could figure out more in a 5-minute phone call than most advisors could after a month of analysis. He made the process stress free by implementing a smooth, painless strategy. Once you’ve made the decision to sell, don’t go it alone. It’s not worth the hassle.”
– Dan Miles, Interstate Turbo, Inc.

“We have worked with Bob Zarlengo and team because he has been helpful to us with our exit planning as well as transitions within our company. His team has been easy to work with regarding our tax planning and questions that we have. He values the relationships he has with his clients and takes a personal approach.”
– Lynn Tomasek, GM/President, Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric

“I have always valued Bob’s financial and business advice from the day I hired him as my CPA for my architectural practice. When it came time to start an exit strategy, I turned to Bob for advice and counsel. Bob helped me buy out one partner and add another in a way that considered the health of the practice, my tax liability and the ability of the practice to fund the purchase of stock. I trust Bob’s advice because he is also a small business owner.”
– Ronald K. Abo, The Abo Group

“In 2013 our organization was looking to expand into other parts of the Rocky Mountain region. We identified a company in Idaho and were negotiating an acquisition of seven locations. Toward the end of the process, we hit a snag that I thought was a deal breaker. This, after a substantial amount of time, effort and financial investment had been put into the negotiating process. I called Bob, explained the situation, and asked him to fly to Idaho with me to meet with the seller. Instead, after a short phone meeting, Bob provided a simple, “street smart” solution that saved the transaction. Bob is one of my trusted advisors; he provides a no-nonsense approach to business consultation, and we involve him at virtually every level of our business operation.”
– John Alderman, DBC Irrigation Supply

“I’ve run a small business for decades, and have been getting Bob’s emails for years. The wisdom conveyed in those emails helped guide me to ensure that I’d be able to exit my company on my terms. With each email, I knew I was headed in the right direction. Slow, and controlled growth was the key for my business. Recently, a “white knight” made me a cash offer for my company, which I couldn’t refuse. Thank you for all those words of advice throughout my company’s journey. I’m now on to my next adventure!”
– Bill Weinberger

“Bob and I share several clients.  I have heard from more than one, that he is ethical, professional, and very creative, navigating through all the considerations for employee purchases, considering taxation, cash-flow and timing of such agreements. There is no cookie cutter approach with Bob. Each person has told me how much they have enjoyed the personal approach that defines doing business with Bob Zarlengo!”
– Bob Dodge, Senior Vice President, The Alternative Board – Denver West

“My husband and I attended one of Bob Zarlengo’s exit planning seminars several years ago. Bob is extremely knowledgeable in the area and an excellent speaker. His presentations are not only informative, but very enjoyable. His personal experience in the area is invaluable and I have no problem referring clients to him for strategic exit planning.”
– Jean Bretzlauf, CPA, Bretzlauf & Bretzlauf

“Bob worked with us as financial advisor during the acquisition of our business. His guidance through the process was invaluable. We continued our relationship for the 23 years we owned the business. His counsel was always no-nonsense and practical. We are pleased to also call him a friend and would highly recommend him.”
– Mike Porter and Cheryl Longtin, Former Owners, Nexus Greenhouse Systems

“I was a charter member of Bob’s Exit Planning Peer Advisory Board when he initiated it back in 2017. Through my participation on the Board and my work with Bob I crafted an exit strategy that enabled me to sell my company 2½ years later, at which time I stepped off the Board – it had done its job for me. I’ve stayed in touch with Bob over the years because he thinks like an entrepreneur. Every time I have one of my crazy ideas I need to talk to Bob. He always has great insight and ideas to share. As I continue to work on growing my estate, I still have Bob’s CPA firm do my tax work to ensure that I’m minimizing income tax and Bob keeps an eye on the residual estate I’m creating. I enjoy my periodic meetings with Bob and another chance to pick his brain.”
– Jim Elmore