Have You Prepared for the Biggest Financial Event of Your Life?

Planning early can save you estate and income taxes as well as give you all of the advantages you need to help you meet your personal and business goals. Planning takes time. Start by filling out our Exit Planning Assessment; this will help determine where you are in your planning process. Then, I’ll send you a custom assessment chart that helps you plan for next steps.

    Owner Information

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    Owner Objectives and Financial Resources

    1. I know when, how, and to whom I want to leave my business.

    2. I know how much money I'll need annually after I leave my company to live a comfortable post-business life.

    3. The current value of my company meets or exceeds the value I'll need to retire comfortably.

    4. I know the after-tax value I will need from my business to meet my financial objectives.

    Maximizing and Protecting Business Value

    1. My key employees are motivated to grow the long-term value of the company.

    2. I have created a written, realistic growth strategy for my company that aligns with my Exit Plan.

    3. I have taken steps to protect my most valuable business assets (e.g., covenants not to compete for key people, restricted access to trade secrets).

    4. I seek and implement tax-efficiency strategies in my business.

    Ownership Transfer

    1. Do you intend to transfer the company to a family member or employee?*

    Business Continuity and Estate Planning

    1. I have a written contingency plan for my business should something happen to me.

    2. My key employees will remain with the company if I die or become incapacitated.

    3. My family will have financial security if I die or become incapacitated before I transfer my company.

    4. My estate plan explicitly addresses my business priorities (e.g., business cash flow, transfer of business ownership and any related real estate).

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