As a business owner, exiting your business may seem far into the future and therefore, not a huge priority. Instead of focusing on your eventual exit, you’re likely focusing on building your business today – which is exactly as it should be.

You may not realize it, but at the same time you are building your business, you can simultaneously lay the foundation and structure of an exit plan!

Building a Foundation Through Value-Based Management

Optimizing growth requires strategic thinking with an eye on the future and a focus on maximizing your company’s value. Many business owners find that a value-based management (VBM) approach empowers them to reach both short and long-term growth goals. As is the case with most worthwhile endeavors, it requires commitment.

Engaging with Our Peer Advisory Board Keeps You Moving Forward
A highly effective, straightforward way to stay on track and keep moving forward is to join our Peer Advisory Board (PAB). This group of like-minded business owners meets every other month to focus on building their business now. In the process, they are building the future they envision for themselves, their family, and the company they will eventually step away from.

The PAB provides an invaluable opportunity to share challenges, insights, and solutions with other peer business owners. This helps streamline the planning process, creates accountability, and lets each member learn from others’ successes and challenges. All that business experience and expertise at the table yields countless innovative ideas, without having to reinvent the wheel. Participants meet with Bob Zarlengo, one-on-one, in opposite months, to drill down and address issues that are unique to you.

Please contact Bob to join us for the next meeting of our PAB, designed to help business owners bring exit planning onto your radar concurrent with building your business through a value-based approach. Learn the steps to prepare for what will likely be the single largest financial transaction of your life. The process takes years. What better time than now to take that first step so that it can benefit your business over the long term?

In the meantime, check out our online resources and assessments that will help you gauge your business value as well as where you stand in terms of readiness for your exit.

Questions? If you’d like to discuss whether this unique opportunity is a fit for you and your business, please feel free to email or call Bob directly at 303-589-1613. Or simply attend our next meeting and see for yourself!